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In the global search for sustainable sources of energy, NUMARK is helping to advance solutions that are economically and environmentally viable. NUMARK builds the regulatory and business foundations needed to grow new energy technologies. Utilizing our extensive network of world-class experts, NUMARK brings together important stakeholders, and engages local partners to facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, in the United States and globally. 

Renewable energy has greater revenue risk than conventional energy sources, due to dependency on a variable natural resource as opposed to a fuel, which complicates the financing of renewable energy projects. NUMARK is familiar with regulatory options available to mitigate that risk and thereby attract private sector investment to sustainable energy technologies.

Technical and Policy Guidance

NUMARK is a trusted source of independent, accurate, and up-to-date guidance on a broad range of technical and policy issues related to sustainable energy and energy efficiency. Our experts specialize in reviewing, analyzing, and developing policy, institutional, and legal frameworks for renewable energy, energy efficiency and biofuel markets/projects. We also perform comprehensive evaluations of alternative renewable power generation scenarios; feasibility studies of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures; and technical and environmental analyses of renewable energy and biofuel projects.

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New Energy Technologies

Biofuels, wind, solar power, fuel cells and grid scale battery storage are among the most promising energy technologies. NUMARK specializes in policy and market research on advanced clean energy technologies, and we help our clients evaluate technology options including harmonization of new technologies with traditional clean energy sources such as hydroelectric power to enable greater combined benefits. 

NUMARK offers substantial regulatory expertise guiding the platforms that have become essential as carbon markets emerge in the U.S. and abroad and new energy technologies are commercialized. 

NUMARK facilitates development and implementation through: 

  • Research of Cost Elements 

  • Analysis of Financing Options 

  • Assessment of Project Risks 

  • Quantification of the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Avoided Carbon Emissions 

  • Identification of Potential Investors

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Economics of Renewable Energy

NUMARK is well-versed in the economic and financial aspects of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures. Our staff performs economic analyses of alternative scenarios for renewable energy power generation, including feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses; develops clean energy financing solutions and appraisal of clean energy investment funds; and analyzes and develops guidance on economic and financial incentives for renewable energy investments.

Global Impact

NUMARK assists firms in industrialized countries in the assessment of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, monitoring project performance, structuring carbon finance portfolios and acquiring Certified Emissions Reductions (CER). In Latin America, NUMARK has conducted on-site assessment of CDM projects, particularly in technologies associated with solid waste management, renewable energy, biomass and fuel substitution, and has assisted governments in monitoring Latin American climate change policy and CDM developments. NUMARK has also helped to expedite the introduction of fuel cell technologies to the marketplace by facilitating information-sharing initiatives between R&D organizations in the U.S. and Japan.

U.S. Development Agencies

NUMARK was previously selected by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) as one of the Energy IDIQ Contractors to provide Energy Sector Planning Services in the areas of power generation, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, transmission and distribution, fossil resource development and other energy. 

As detailed at Support to USAID Energy Assistance Programs, NUMARK was selected by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as one of the Energy II IDIQ Contractors, to provide expert technical assistance to a wide array of stakeholders worldwide addressing four priority themes: clean energy, energy poverty, energy sector governance and reform, and energy security.  NUMARK was subsequently awarded two multi-year Task Orders, one in Laos and one in Pakistan. The programs provide assistance to the policymakers, regulatory authorities, and power utilities to improve planning and performance and promote the introduction of clean energy technologies.

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