"Nuclear Power in Deregulated Markets: Performance to Date and Prospects for the Future
by Neil J. Numark and Robert D. MacDougall
(Complete Work published in 14 TUL. ENVTL. L.J. 2 (2001), Copyright, Tulane Environmental Law Journal. All rights reserved.)
Although U.S. electric power deregulation is still at an early stage and significant uncertainties remain, there is good and growing evidence that currently operating nuclear plants may not only survive open competition, but even thrive in it. A few years ago, this turn of events was almost inconceivable to all but the most loyal industry optimists. How did it happen? What have the owners, operators, and suppliers of U.S. commercial reactors done to help make it happen, and what are they planning to do to stay competitive? Even if they succeed, will they want to build new reactors here some day? If so, what kinds of reactors, and when? This essay examines these questions, and offers provisional answers based on the evidence available so far."