Numark Associates Inc.

Nuclear Safety Expertise

Since its founding, NUMARK has continuously built up its nuclear services organization to support the growing requirements of our regulatory clients, recruiting highly experienced experts in a wide range of disciplines related to the nuclear energy field. Our personnel capabilities in the nuclear energy arena include:

  • Over 100 staff with experience in nuclear regulatory organizations (U.S. and international), major architectural/engineering firms, nuclear reactor vendors, nuclear utility companies, the IAEA and other international organizations, research firms, national laboratories, universities and other organizations

  • Over 600 person-years of NRC staff experience

  • Over 50 former US utility and vendor personnel experienced in technical safety/licensing reviews

  • Numerous personnel having performed and achieved results in international environments

  • Safety: Highly experienced experts in a wide range of technical disciplines, including specialists in Chemistry; Facility Construction and Manufacturing; Electrical Engineering and I&C; Site Safety; Fire Protection; Radwaste Systems; Health Physics; Mechanical Engineering; Operations and Maintenance; Quality Assurance and Control; Emergency Preparedness; Regulatory Infrastructure and Licensing; Seismic, Hydrological and Geotechnical Sciences; Structural and Materials Engineering; Thermal Hydraulics; Probabilistic Analysis; Accident Analysis; Facility Security; and Knowledge Transfer

  • Security: Law enforcement and security professionals offering a range of expertise such as: access control and authorization, “insider” threats, perimeter security, performance-based training, enhanced weaponry, Operations Security (OPSEC) and information/cyber security

  • Environmental: Personnel highly experienced in assessing potential environmental impacts of building and operating nuclear facilities, including expertise in radwaste handling, transportation and disposal; hydrology; geology; seismology; meteorology; health physics; and both nuclear and non-nuclear accident assessment

  • Research: Research professionals with extensive experience that spans academic, public, and private sector research and policy analysis in the safety, security and environmental arenas.

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